Find text inside files using Terminal on Linux or Mac OSX

Use grep to search for some particular text inside files and folders recursively.

$ grep -rnw '/path' -e 'search term'

# Backticks to use pwd /src as the search target
$ grep -rnw `pwd`/src -e 'search term'

# As above but with exclude of a dir
$ grep -rnw --exclude-dir=node_modules -e 'search term' `pwd`

# As above but with multiple excluded dirs
$ grep -rnw --exclude-dir={node_modules,build} -e 'search term' `pwd`Code language: PHP (php)
  • -r is recursive,
  • -n is line number
  • -w is to match the whole word

Note: the path is not relative to your current directory, so you may wish to use ‘pwd’ to display your current directory path and copy paste this in as the path.

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